Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Cube Max Mara

OMG ! Bellissimo !!!

This is it !!! My own the Cube ...
and a lot of little black boxes...

In the first box..... a pair of cuffs!

In the second box...a bejeweled collar !

In the third are a GAL bestfriend !

Look at all the accessories you can play with !

A lovely pair of Dove Gray gloves by Piumelli, my favorite.

I had fun dress up my Cube in different ways.
This is one coat I will use and extra use !

Thank you ! Santa !
I told you I have been a good GAL.
Merry Christmas !!!!!!

all photos by MilaneseGAL
The Cube is Max Mara
Thank you! Antonella, I really enjoy my coat !