Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas HomeBliss

Ralph Lauren always graces our homes

It is the best time of the year to decorate your home.

Nautilus seashels are not only for summer !

Candles make everything prettier !

Play with silver letters, text on the table !!!!

A cozy cashmer shawl is a must for the holidays !

 Do not forget to decorate the powder room !!
Just a nice candle and few guest towels are festive.

Dress up a Pandoro and voilà le dessert !!
You have alredy so many things to do !

Mercury glass ornaments are really nice !
Why do not start a collection... maybe this monday.

 Get out your finest china !
celebrate Christmas in style.

salt and pepper pine cones  from L'Objet

 the finest Christmas ornament, from L'Objet

Nice packages make the all difference,  to save some paper
why not wrapping in cotton musseline... you can recycle it !
I add a nice ornament that becomes part of the gift.

Ops! I almost forgot.......get all the help you can !

5 tips to make a refined Chrismas

Stick with one style, yours !
Pay attention to all the corners of the house.
You do not need a Christmas tree to have plenty of decorations.
Candles always make a festive home.
Start early decorating, it will put you in a good mood.

Merry Christmas ! gals