Monday, December 13, 2010

Culotte Intimissimi Alyson Le Borges

Alyson Le Borges par Intimissimi Shaping / Modellante

Are we all on the same page with Spanks?
Because GALS, I was the last on the wagon....
I always hated my high hips and now even a soft tommy to go with it...
the Lanvin killer orange dress started to look like a shapeless balloon, got the idea?

Back home in Milano I went to Intimissimi
 the italian version of  Victoria's Secret.
A chic salesGAL showed me this new Culotte Shaping,
 I love it immediately. I want three , in all colors.

I get the look: "Hei Gal? What planet are your from?" 
 the shaper is the the HOT item to have and I am left with one rose pair
 size 2 instead of size 1.
 I want it! it works for now.
Desperado I turned at Intimissimi for help, and here I found the lovely Silvia.
  The great news that the Shaper is coming back in stock and it will in the stores 
The culotte I have is amazing,
 you drop istantaneously one size and it really shapes your hips
 plus  it keeps your tummy flat even those days that you feel a little blooted.
 A miracle without the niddle.
It is soft and comfortable and you feel pretty good in it too.
I can only imagine if I deck myself with the full line...
Alyson you watch....for the next campain they will choose me.

Alyson, just kidding, you look amazing.
 Alyson Le Borges. French. Beautiful, 22 yrs actress. model and
the granddaugter of Alan Delon.
No competition !