Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Versilia Aurum a Parfum

 It is never easy to describe the amazing taste of a great wine,
nor to pass the feeling of a refined parfume.
Aurum is the top of the line of I Profumi del Forte
a very sophisticated line of fragrances from
Forte dei Marmi, Italy.
Now distributed all over the world in the most prestigious locations:
 In New York I found them in Takashimaya,
in Milan at Profumo in via Brera,
at Forte at La Bottega dei Profumi,
just to name a few.
The Parfume that is the quentessential of Vanilla, the same precious
flower that produces the vanilla bean.
 So rare and special that takes a butterfly to impollinate the flower.
 In Florida, where I had vanilla plants in my garden, we used feathers to replicate
the delicate gesture of mother nature.
The fragrance is feminine and delicate, rich and sophisticated.
Aurum is in 24 carat gold plated bottle, can be refilled and it is cutl object.
Only 1000 pieces will be produced, they come with a certificate of
authenticity and it is considered the most expensive italian parfume.
Rare, refined and elegant. A must have.

distributed by Intertrade

foto by MilaneseGAL