Friday, December 3, 2010

Green Christmas

Five ways to make your Christmas greener

for God Save the Children .
It helps Children in need all over the world.
A wonderful initiative by Bulgari,
Supported by the finest Actors.
Rings at a very reasonable price
 around 350 euros
A great gift for a special fiend.
It's Bvlgaaaaari darling !


Give or get a pair of Huntrer Crocodile Boots
in collaboration with Jimmy Choo.
Get them while you can, they will last you forever,
your feet, finally dry, will thank you.
For a limited time on line...255 British pounds
they come with a Royal endorsment and are made with some recycled rubber.
Hilary Duff in her Hunters

For the price of a good Panettone
you can give a great book.
By HRH the Prince of Wales a
nice essay all about environment.
You will learn a lot and make you think about out Planet.
Last year I gave my mother the Al Gore
book and this year this will be her gift.
on line or at your local bookstore

Mini Ray
eco chic driving, if you have to drive !!!
The best if you live in a city.
Favorite car of Carine Roitfeld: good for her, good for me !!!

Play at you can build your own.
A little pricy  but you save a lot on gas
and few countries may give you an eco contribution.
Italy for example last year gave me back 2000 euros.
It also has an auto stop to help reducing the Co2 immissions.

Couture Wrapping !!
Instead of waisting tons of paper, buy cotton by the yard,
few meters of a nice ribbon and some ornaments that will also
be part of the gift and give your packages a Royal treatment.
Next year, you or the recipient of your divine gift, will use it again.
I also look year around for lovely special boxes to use for
my Christmas gift. You can make your own too !!!

Last year I found few samples of inexpensive couture fabric, too little to do
 any garmets with but  my gift were dressed in style.

I feel so bad seeing all that paper get disposed after the Holidays,
and this package, I guarantee you, will make a dashing impression.